Monday 19 October 2009

Markets in Everything: most offensive SUV ever

It weighs four tonnes, is "rocket grenade-proof", has jewel-encrusted gauges, and gold-plated windows. And it costs a million euros. But check out the trim on the seats: whale penis leather.

Oh dear.

Why am I reminded of the Gilbert Gottfried routine where he proposed clubbing a baby seal to death, covering it in CFC hairspray, and launching it into the ozone layer?

Apparently, Aristotle Onassis had his yacht's barstools also covered in it.

Couldn't they have just gone for whaleskin to get the desired level of offensiveness without the added yuck factor? If you want fewer whales' skins to be used overall, should you prefer that whale penises be used, increasing the yuck factor and thereby reducing demand but also requiring more whales be killed per square metre used, or general whaleskin which has the opposite characteristics? Hmm.

HT: Bernard Hickey.


  1. Maybe it was a certain piece of spare skin from a certain "chosen" group of whales?

  2. What if it was just from circumcised jewish whales?