Tuesday 10 May 2011

Shameless Advertising

A combination of a heavy teaching load, earthquake disruptions to, and being on the organising committee for the 2011 New Zealand Association of Economists annual conference has kept me in radio silence on this blog for while. But the last of these has induced me to come out of hibernation to put in a shameless plug for the conference.
The conference is in Wellington, Wed June 29 - Fri July 1. Details are here. Eric and I are both on the programme, Eric exalting the value of alcohol and I exalting electricity markets. The visible hand's Rauparaha is also on the programme, having first gone to a phone booth to change back into his undercover identity as James Zuccollo.

But far more interesting than we humble bloggers is our keynote speaker, Tim Harford, "today's best active popular economics writer". He is scheduled to speak on the Wednesday.

Early-bird registration closes this coming Thursday. We hope to see you there.


  1. Neat. I did enjoy the Undercover Economist, are there any plans to make video of the keynote available at some point in time after the conference?

  2. Unfortunately, we don't video our keynote addresses. It is something that I would like to look into for future years, but it is not on the cards this year.