Thursday 24 April 2014

Surprising irreligiosity

Fifty-five percent of the people in my neighbourhood have no religion, while thirty-nine percent identify as Christian. My daughter's Jedi status I guess is part of the remaining 6%.

The Christchurch Press puts up the map, though I'm not sure whether the map is theirs or comes from elsewhere; the GoogleDoc has "attribution unknown". As it's from a Google Doc, I've embedded it below.


I didn't know that you could have Google do this kind of thing; it's amazing. Were I not a bit swamped with other projects, it would be really rather fun to copy the spreadsheet and add in columns for income, education and ethnicity. I was surprised to see that the east side of Christchurch was so irreligious; the usual stereotype has places with strong Pacific island migrant communities, like Aranui, being pretty religious. But Christchurch's godly folks live out West in the richer parts of town like Fendalton. It would also be neat to overlay changes from 2006 to 2013 with relative earthquake damage.


  1. You don't think Jedi got rolled into No Religion then? Surely there's got to be some editorial control, lest we have 'Bad' as a high percentage category, and then nobody would take the survey seriously.

  2. Doubt it did. "No Religion" is a specific category; Jedi is a write-in response provided by about 19000 people.

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  4. I'm pretty sure Jedi gets coded as an invalid response.

  5. "Response Outside Scope".