Saturday, September 17, 2011

Which came first, the marketing or the policy?

I'm a huge fan of Yes Minister. "Hollowmen" seems to be the Australian equivalent set where the bureaucracy sees its job as keeping the Government in office rather than as keeping the Government from messing around with its prerogative. Kinda like Canada under the Chretien Liberals. Commenter "V" pointed to this particular bit of awesomeness, for which I thank V.

I'm going to have to buy the series. If this clip is representative, it's wonderful. All the stuff I recommend as what not to do in honest cost-benefit analysis taken as recommendation as to how to sell a policy.


  1. It's awesome. You can get it from the ABC website - enjoy!

  2. Gold. I love Yes Minister - and this show looks pretty good in itself :D

  3. On a related note: The Greens have just released their election 'creative' . Remind you of anything?

  4. I assume this program is a documentary, isn't it?

  5. 'The thick of it' was a decent show as well.

    Malcolm Tucker is supposed to be based on the Alastair Campbell.


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