Saturday, 10 June 2017

Occupational licensing

Occupational licensing in New Zealand just got a bit worse.

Anne Tolley's announced that social workers will now have to be registered, and that registration will require meeting standards and on-going professional development for maintaining registration.
The majority of social workers, almost 6,300, are registered. It is estimated around 2,000 social workers are unregistered - of this group it is expected that nearly 60 per cent (1,200) should be able to register using their qualifications, and another 300 should be able to register using their work experience.
The people who put on the courses for social workers seem happy:
Whitireia and WelTec Chief Executive Chris Gosling says, “The challenge for government agencies and NGOs is to make the investment to ensure staff are properly qualified and registered. We are very well placed to meet the new demand for training that will be generated by mandatory registration. The Bachelor of Social Work degree is the ideal pathway which allows graduates to meet these new registration requirements.
I've asked MSD for the Regulatory Impact Statement on this one. The costs of this regime will start mounting as the qualification requirements go up.

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