Wednesday 2 November 2011

Get out of the way

Bomber Bradbury wasn't exactly kind in his review of the LibertariaNZ's opening broadcast ad. He wrote:
Libertarianz PartyWeird video outside the war zone that is Christchurch. Trying to claim Christchurch as an example of bad regulation is intellectually skanky. 
Here's Vicki Anderson on the current state of play in Christchurch.

Over eight months I have vicariously shared their rollercoaster ride with bureaucracy.
For example, one was told his venue had been demolished, then that he had been told it had been demolished in error and that it was going to be repaired.
He was upset, ecstatic and then upset again when four months later he phoned me from inside the red zone, having been allowed in after much red tape to retrieve valuable equipment from the building, saying "you're not going to believe this".
Yes, turns out the building had been demolished after all.
However, when he phoned Cera "exploding with rage", they denied that the building had been demolished, despite his offer through gritted teeth to send them photographic evidence to the contrary. They then placed him on hold for 2 hours before cutting him off.
He's a big bloke. That day I saw him cry through sheer frustration. We talked for a long time that day.
Another venue owner tried to discover what was happening with his building. He has a family member who works for the council. This family member was told to pass on the message that he should not ask any more questions.
He took the inference to be "rightly or wrongly" that her employment could be in jeopardy if he "rocked the boat". 
... On behalf of everyone who has taken the time to lob their ball into my court and share their personal stories and struggles with me over the past eight months I ask: Dear beaurucrats, our heart's gone over your fence, can we have it back now please?
Bomber, please go and read the whole thing and take off the partisan blinders for a minute.

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