Wednesday 26 June 2013

More Glaeser

Eric posted yesterday on Ed Glaeser's upcoming Condliffe Lecture at the University of Canterbury. Some of you have if the talk will be videoed, given that you are not based on Christchurch. Absent any technical hitches, the talk will be posted on YouTube as part of the University's What If series of public lectures, a week or so after the talk.

But if you are based on Wellington, you can go one better. Why not register now for the annual conference of the New Zealand Assocation of Economists, which is taking place at the Amora Hotel in Wellington next week--Wednesday July 3 - Friday July 5. Ed is giving a keynote address at 4:00 on Wednesday. Other keynote speakers are Maurice Obstfeld of Berkeley, John Riley of UCLA, Mardi Dungey of U. Tasmania, and John Quiggin of U. Queensland (best known in the blogsphere as one of the authors at Crooked Timber).

Quite apart from the keynote addresses, the conference will also feature TVHE's Matt Nolan, who is presenting a paper and also participating in a panel discussion on the Open Banking Resolution, along with  Ian Woolford from the Reserve Bank and Bank critic, David Tripe; and I will be presenting my work on Do Catches win Matches. Groping to Bethlehem's and Association Vice President, Bill Kaye-Blake, is not giving a paper this year, but he will be at the conference.

The full conference web site including the link to registration and the programme is here. I hope to see as many of you there as possible.


  1. Can it be a bit more like this comic this year?

  2. haha I suppose you have heard the joke, the King of Thailand gathered all the Economists round and said "I need a very brief outline of what Economics is "

    And they all took a long time talking, presenting graphs, and theories and mathematical formulas, so the King executed them all. Then he found one remaining Economist " what about you" said the King'

    Last economist alive said "I will give you theory of Economy in nine words".

    "Good said King, do so"

    Last remaining Economist said

    " there ain't no such thing as a free lunch"

    King was impressed but then he realised Economist was speaking with a bible belt drawl, so he executed him as well.

  3. Went along to his lecture in Wellington today, great talk well worth going to.