Thursday 5 March 2009


I've held off starting my own blog for a few years. I had a stint as guest blogger for Bryan Caplan over at EconLog a couple of years ago -- 'twas great fun, but also very time consuming. In the meantime, I've lurked at a few of the less reputable parts of the blogging world, occasionally commenting. I'm now finally getting my own space rather than polluting other folks' pools.

First, a couple of notes by way of introduction.

I'm Eric Crampton, an economist at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. I specialize in Public Choice, which lies at the intersection of economics and politics: we use economic methods to analyze political decision making. You can find links to my homepage and, from that, some of my research, by following the link in the right hand column.

I expect to post here infrequently, but with RSS readers, that doesn't matter as much. Expect future posts to highlight some of my current research and current thoughts on policy. I may also explain the blog's title picture sometime.