Tuesday 21 April 2009


And I hereby welcome my 10,000th visitor (according to SiteMeter) who came in from Niota, Tennessee, read my post on rent-seeking in academia, and left. Thanks for stopping by!

I know that KiwiBlog gets 10,000 visits a day and Tyler probably gets that in an hour, but I'm pretty happy to have accumulated 10,000 in the month or so that I've been posting.

A reminder for readers in Auckland: I'm giving a talk later this afternoon for LEANZ. Hope to meet some of you there! I'll be talking about my work on political ignorance, with a few Kiwi-centric details left out of the paper.


  1. Greg Mankiw's average per day 16,151

  2. I know my relative place in the universe and am comfortable with it. :>

  3. I guess Mankiw gets 3-4 months worth of hits for me in an hour!! My only significance is my insignificance.