Friday, 11 September 2009

Biscuit Harm Index

Marginal Revolution points us to a new biscuit harm index calculated for the UK. Turns out that many Brits injure themselves while eating biscuits. If their biscuits are as hard, rough, and prone to tongue-laceration as the Kiwi ANZAC biscuit, I can understand.

Perhaps BERL could use this data to produce a biscuit harm index showing the social costs that could be avoided if only biscuits didn't exist. Then the New Zealand Police could release stats showing the social harms that they have prevented through biscuit-eradication activities.

So to counter yesterday's post, here's one for the other side: the ANZAC biscuit, which best ought be classed as a munition. Only a people who find the itch of woolly sweaters either comforting or a more practical alternative to the cilice could appreciate this weapons-grade cookie.


  1. I'll give you rough, but if your Anzac biscuit is hard and prone to tongue-laceration it's either very stale, over cooked or you need a different recipe.

  2. Maybe laceration is too strong a word. It's very abrasive though. I come away from an ANZAC biscuit feeling like I've been shoveling oats while sucking on sandpaper. And I hated shoveling oats.