Friday 27 August 2010

Hipster Shrugged (updated)

Some of the best, from #HipsterShrugged.

ziege19  I just unlocked the "Helping Is Futile" badge on @foursquare!  #HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via web3 Retweets

ModeledBehavior I invented a motor that ran on nothing but irony. It was kinda cool, I guess #HipsterShruggedabout 1 hour ago via web2 Retweets

petersuderman I used to like the government, but that was before it got big and popular. #HipsterShrugged   12 Retweets

radleybalko I stopped contributing to society way before "going Galt" was cool. #HipsterShrugged about 4 hours ago via webTop Tweet14 Retweets

normative Of course not, who names their kid Dagny? She was "Dolores" until the end of middle school. #HipsterShruggedabout 3 hours ago via TweetDeck1 Retweet

peejaybee Galt's Gulch used to be pretty cool. Now it's like, strollers everywhere. #hipstershruggedabout 3 hours ago via twidroid

jacobgrier Camping out for the new iPhone. Rearden Metal finish, Galt motor. Pretty sweet. #hipstershrugged #stilldropscallsabout 3 hours ago via HootSuite1 Retweet

conor64  People vilify Dagny Taggart, but I wish more corporate execs always traveled by rail #HipsterShruggedabout 3 hours ago via TweetDeck4 Retweets

willwilkinson  So you're playing the Mouch fundraiser? Cool, cool.#HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via web

evanbanks Taggert Transcontinental was so much better back when it was called Taggert Local and sold fixies. #hipstershruggedabout 4 hours ago via web

willwilkinson  PHU was my safety school. #HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via web 2 Retweets

normative Actually, Francisco's got this trust fund, but he doesn't like to talk about it . #HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

willwilkinson Yeah, Francisco's super-rich, but he's totally cool politically. #HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via web 2 Retweets

normative Yeah, Ragnar was in Sigur Ros for a while, but he bailed when the label got so hardass about piracy. #HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via TweetDeck 3 Retweets

willwilkinson  20th Century Motor Company used to make a sweet hybrid. #HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via web

grandmofhelsing  Galt's Speech really isn't as good as his earlier work. #hipstershrugged about 4 hours ago via web 7 Retweets

laughinghyena13 That hamburger sandwich is fine, but I've had much better at a diner in Wyoming #hipstershruggedabout 4 hours ago via twidroid from San Francisco, CA  1 Retweet

normative  No, it's *Rearden* Metal. I mean, it looks just like 80s metal, but it's ironic  #HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

normative   I swear by my life and my love of it, if I have to hear "Oxford Comma" one more f*ing time... #HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

SandyS1  They released my concerto on CD, so I went on strike because it's got more integrity on the 180-gram vinyl pressing.#HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via Tweetie for Mac

jacobgrier  I have John Galt's entire speech... on vinyl #hipstershrugged about 4 hours ago via HootSuite 5 Retweets

grandmofhelsing Richard Halley is the best musician ever because he only performs to select audience at new club, Galt's Gulch. #HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via web

ziege19  I refuse to accept as guilt the fact of my own face on the T-shirt I am wearing.  #HipsterShruggedabout 4 hours ago via web

normative  Who is John Galt? Oh, you probably haven't heard of him, he's really obscure.  #HipsterShruggedabout 5 hours ago via TweetDeck

Yeah, appropriating these folks tweets makes me a looter. Meh. #HipsterShrugged

Update: Julian Sanchez, who started all this, has posted his favorites, here.

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