Thursday 14 October 2010

Borders matter

Often, the differences between Canada and the US are overstated: US border states look more like Canada, in terms of whatever social trend folks are interested in, than the US average. Canada is more like Minnesota, on the whole, so comparing Canadian data to average American data, dominated by New York and California, sometimes masks that Canada is a fair bit like the states just to the south of the border.

But sometimes the border matters.

OKCupid is the source on this one. Write down your guesses before hitting the link. It's a colour scale of course ranging from red to blue.  I munged the links to stop your peeking.

I learned something new about Manitoba today.

As always with OKCupid, hit the link for all the fun crunchy data goodness that goes well beyond what I'm posting here.

Blogging has been light of late; apologies. It's the busy time of year.


  1. That's some awesome number crunching by the good folks at OK Cupid. What do you suppose it is about Canada (and Manitoba especially) that makes it so curious? Maybe there's just so much less to do during those long winter months when you're snowed in ;)

  2. Winters in Labrador would be just as bad though.

    I like that the graph does confirm Labrador as the Louisiana of Canada though.

  3. Winters in Canada?  That's what God invented the Internet for.  ;-)