Thursday 7 October 2010

OK, now I regret not having voted

Michael Hansen's small campaign advert in today's Christchurch Press:
The Mayor's Nest
What can I say in 22 words?
"I have got the most brains for the job. I am the best, vote for me!"
Quake Cake
Make up a scone mixture, add coconut, add madeira, brandy, wine, beer or vanilla to taste; bake in a warm oven; allow to cool; spread chow chow or icing or other on top - enjoy.

I am going to form a band called "Quake" [in a weird shaky font]. It will be a Rock 'n Roll Band.

Authorised by M. Hansen, 25 Cheviot Street, Spreydon, Chch 8024 - burglar alarm and infra-green night surveillance; prowellers shot.

No taxpayer money in this advert.
It's not too late, right? I just need to drop the ballot off at a library?

I love especially how the ad appeared after the deadline for mail-in ballots.

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  1. Yep, he's awesome, he got my #1 vote in the dhb elections. Luckily I do still get to see a little of his electionaring, I'd forgotten that the dhb is a region-wide election. Oh happy day :)