Friday 10 December 2010

Legal Entrepreneurship

The guys behind this one may be geniuses:
Calling all YouPorn watchers! Two California men, David Pitner and Jared Reagan, have filed a class-action lawsuit over the site’s practice of “history sniffing,” or checking out other porn websites that visitors have been to through exploiting a Javascript security flaw.
I probably have this wrong, but I think US class action would let Pitner and Reagan claim to act on behalf of anybody who is potentially in the class who doesn't opt out - which they could get out of basic web stats data on overall traffic - then settle for legal costs and coupons for members of the class. If this works out for Pitner and Reagan, anybody who's been damaged by YouPorn's actions would have to notify Pitner and Reagan's law firm that they're viewers of pornography who want a coupon (presumably a week's free access to some pay site), while the law firm gets to keep whatever it charges as legal costs.

Ok, hands up you YouPorn viewers who would provide evidence to the law firm that you're a member of the aggrieved class? Anybody? Didn't think so.

The filed suit is here.


  1. Yeah, this is good work... get a few mill and then divvy the proceeds up amongst yourselves... and the lawyers will get nice profit on this too!