Tuesday 21 December 2010

Things that would make my life MUCH better

If everyone else in the world took Bryan's hypersensitivity avoidance training course:
Learning from the success of sensitivity training, I suggest we combat hypersensitivity with Hypersensitivity Training Workshops. Small groups of students or co-workers, under the guidance of a certified Hypersensitivity Coordinator, must come together to explore the dangers of hypersensitivity. This evil will always be with us, but by raising awareness we can hopefully make the problem more manageable.

Hypersensitivity Training is still in its infancy. At the moment, I'm the world's only certified Hypersensitivity Training Coordinator, and even my experience is limited. But I here propose the following exercises to start a dialog about proper program design.

Exercise #1: The Wall of Hypersensitivity. Find a partner. You start talking. His job is to take visceral offense at everything you say. After five minutes, reverse roles. Then we have a class discussion about how your partner's hypersensitivity made you feel.

Exercise #2: In General. Write down five groups that you identify with, then find a partner and swap lists. Take turns going down the list telling each other, "In general, group X is Y." Y can be anything you sincerely believe.

Exercise #3: An Awkward Moment. Stand before the group and tells a story about a time you inadvertently gave offense. After each story, the group chants, "It was no big deal!"
It continues, awesomely of course.

I especially love the wall of hypersensitivity.

"How the hell could I know he was a hostage"...one of the greatest Kids in the Hall lines ever.... Seeing the episode again, Kevin McDonald is more objectionable at the party than I had remembered. I don't know if that's because memory is hazy and it's funnier to remember it as a guy who's entirely innocent, or because Susan has forced me to improve my standards. If the latter, colleagues here can console themselves in that I used to be worse.