Sunday, 22 May 2011

Theory of Winnipeg

Winnipeg approaches the Tim's Event Horizon. The Brewpocalypse looms.

When last I lived in Winnipeg, Tim's wasn't a bad place to get decent brewed coffee and rather good doughnuts.

Now, there seems to be one on every block, each with a queue through the drive-through 15 cars long.

And the coffee seems much worse. I don't think it's just long exposure to NZ coffee. The brewed coffee at Tim's just seems much weaker than before.

I have a theory.

There's only so much caffeine and coffee goodness allocated to the Tim's in Winnipeg. Each new Tim's means there's less caffeine in each cup. So drivers have to go to shorter intervals between fixes. Which leads to more Tim's. And a downward spiral.

Heed the warning of Frogstar World B. Before long, naught will be left but Tim's, with cars flitting from one to the next in a desperate quest for caffeine before their drivers give up and evolve into birds.


  1. You need only look at my hometown to see how it all ends:

  2. Eric,

    I think it is just your exposure to NZ coffee. When I was in North America last year, the Tim Horton's in the Niagara peninsula and Montreal were a huge relief after the filter coffee and doughnuts to be found in New Hampshire.

    On the other hand the espresso coffee in Canada seemed much worse than I had remembered. But maybe that is because we simply gave up on looking for espresso in the U.S. To quote the guy behind the bar in a swanky U.S. hotel ("Oh, you want your latte made with expresso (sic) coffee?")

  3. Tim Horton's is still better than US truckstop coffee. But it used to be lots better. Now it's just better.