Saturday 10 September 2011

Odd ancient production technology still in use...

Alternative title: something I must witness before I die:
However, the most concentrated and popular form of marijuana is so-called "plastilin" (plasticine), and the way it is harvested and produced has not changed for centuries.

It begins with a freshly showered person riding naked for hours on a clean, washed horse inside a two-meter-high "forest" of marijuana.

Afterwards, the human body and that of the horse are covered with a thick layer of resin mixed with sweat.

This produces a substance that is usually dark brown in color, which is then thoroughly scraped off the human and horse's bodies.

The mixture is subsequently pressed, molded into bars, and dried.

The "plastilin" that results from this process effectively comprises very concentrated marijuana bars.

A couple of small, pinhead-sized pieces from one of these bars added to a regular cigarette is enough to make the smoker happy.

This sort of marijuana is also very easy to carry or stash and is therefore very popular among drug users.

But it is a lot harder to produce this form of the drug because you need more time to make it.

Imagine 10, 20, or 30 individuals running or riding naked in a field of wild marijuana. It goes without saying that they are more exposed and it is easier to catch them. Nonetheless, people do it and they have been doing it since time immemorial.
And, of course, in Central Asia, there are people who can easily make local law enforcement officials "keep their eyes shut" during the harvest season, sharing with them either "plastilin" or the money earned from its sale.
I wonder what kind of buzz the riders get from this....


  1. Eric dude read here,
    Dude, whisky is whisky, always buy old scotch: beer is beer, buy cheep Thailand Chang, very good: and marijuanna is marijuana, buy sun grown, smoke with wife not daughter: and speed is speed straight out of the factory, always refuse speed: do not follow doctors recommendations

  2. I want to witness the harvest, not participate...

  3. Eric,
    to harvest is to take of,
    to be there, to take the benefit, what kind of economist are you in the econo ... Mist Eric

  4. Hmmm. Male or female harvesters? You could make a (soft) porn film out of this as well, and double your profits.

  5. @PaulL: I like where you're going with the porn and horses....

  6. Yeah, if it's a male harvester I want him wearing pants thanks. This has given me a great home brew idea for hop harvest 2012! Seriously, why don't we hurry up and legalise it - NZ is great at growing it and then we could use the latest CO2 extraction techniques for export. Think John and Bill will be keen? - they're always going on about growing exports.