Friday 7 October 2011

CPI visualizer

Keith Ng rightly won an award for this one.

I can't embed it, but it lets you easily check out component increases in the CPI back through June 2006. So if you're a data visualization geek, or you want to better understand the components of price level changes over time, hit the link.

Here's one example. Just check the changes in the prices of tobacco products since the anti-Nanny State National Party took over from those horrible "I'll force you to do what's good for you" Labourites (hint - the first bar on the right to pass the 4% line is Q1 2009):

The image doesn't do it justice; the link above gets all the interactive stuff.

I'm particularly recommending it to our Econ 104 and Econ 105 lecturers for teaching our students about the CPI. Thanks Keith!

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  1. Thanks for the pointer. Will use it in Macro principles. Stephen.