Tuesday 18 October 2011

Two upcoming engagements

Christchurch readers may be interested in marking their calendars for my upcoming plenary lecture as part of the University of Canterbury's Spring Lecture Series. The series, I'm told, is the replacement for the former "UC in the City" series which has had to be relocated to campus with changes in venue availability downtown.

The evening of 29 November I'll be presenting an accessible lecture on public choice's findings on voter knowledge and policy outcomes, noting some of my own work on voter knowledge in New Zealand and some of my work with Bryan Caplan, Ilya Somin, and Wayne Grove on voter ability correctly to attribute responsibility for political outcomes. I'll hope to see at least some of my loyal local readers there. The University's requiring an RSVP for this one; get in early to save yourself a place!

Wednesday (Canadian time) I'll be presenting via videoconference to Brewers Association of Canada on my work with Matt and Brad on inflated measures of alcohol's social costs. As the basic method for deriving these costs came from a meeting in Banff back in 1994, a chat with the Canadians seems due. Canada may have apologized sufficiently for Bryan Adams, but we have penance more to do.

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