Friday 16 December 2011

Bennett's (hopefully not Last) Stand

Joe Bennett ably defended his right to live in his own home today on Radio NZ. Council claims his home stands in extreme danger of rockfall, but has refused to provide him any evidence to substantiate the claim. By his assessment, there is negligible risk. Here's the Press story.

The Council's "Regulation and Democracy Manager" now promises to arrange for that Bennett be able to chat with their geotech engineers. But he also threatens a court order.

I love Joe's stand in favour of individual autonomy and liberty:
The Council is not responsible for my personal safety. It is not a public safety issue as they claim. It is a private safety issue... I can understand their legal fear of being held in the gun... but I accept responsibility for my fate. I could go and climb Mt. Cook naked singing the Hallelujah chorus and the Council won't stop me and nor should they... please, I don't need another mother!"

I've also enjoyed Joe's series of columns in the Christchurch Press in which he warns Council of the Bulgarian transvestite sniper who lies in wait for their officials.


  1. excellent, Bennett at his best, some good stories perhaps coming with himself and CERA and this idiot Council.

  2. I certainly support Joe's stand: good on him. But I'd also like to see investigated how city regulation would appear to be closing down Lyttelton for no good reason other than the rule book. I've blogged on the issues involved here .

  3. @Mark: Nice post!

    On the plus side, it's been great how coffee shops have opened in folks' garages in the interim. Do you have a link on the interview? Radio NZ has most of its stuff up online, if it's theirs....

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