Wednesday 22 February 2012

Upcoming Sydney engagement

I'm giving a talk in Sydney at the Centre for Independent Studies tomorrow night. If you're in Sydney, please do hit the link to RSVP and say hi after the talk. I'd love to be able to put faces to more of my readers, especially the folks who show up in the comments section.

I'll be talking about paternalism. The work I've done on social costs of alcohol (and other sins) will show up, as well as more general discussion on how the framing of paternalistic policy in terms of economic social costs short-circuits public debate about the extent to which government should be doing things to us for our own good.


  1. love to be there in Sydney dude, however my career as an alcoholic, paternalist, aggressive macho, and other sins leaves me wondering why you attend something that sounds like a short circuit in itself.
    Is there any such thing as independent studies, Eric, especially among academics, perhaps this is one of your wry jokes Eric.

  2. I would have come...but flying to Canberra tonight. But would like to in future if you're in Canberra or Sydney.