Monday 26 March 2012

Sick of the Swiss

When Canada decided it needed some national nemesis other than the Americans (anti-Americanism having become ridiculously overdone at the CBC), we turned to our national comedy act, The Kids in the Hall. We've been at pretend war with the Swiss ever since.

When Cabinet decided New Zealand needed a national nemesis, they should have left it to the Topp Twins. Or, if they weren't available to hate on the Finns, Flight of the Conchords are almost as good.

Instead, we got this in the House from the Hon. Gerry Brownlee. (Vid HT: The Listener, who covers more of the controversy)

Brownlee goes just a bit over the top at 3:52.

But I did enjoy Federated Farmers's Twitter response to a quip about how they have Nokia and we have sheep:
Oh, Finland, it's so on.

Update: I'm so sick of the Swiss.


  1. Kids In The Hall! Yay! One of the best Canadian exports of the 1980s.
    Just out of curiosity -- did they benefit from Canadian media policy?
    Les Gars Dans Le Couloir! Magnifique! Ils etaient un des meilleurs exports canadiens des annees 80s.
    Par curiosite -- est-ce qu'ils ont profite de la politique canadienne des medias?

    1. Je n'ai aucune idee. Je pensait qu'ils profitait plutot de l'assistance de Lorne Michels et que l'assistance de Radio Canada etait ... c'est quoi le mot pour "inframarginal"?

      I could never lecture in french. And typing with accents isn't easy.