Monday 23 April 2012

Wedding Hacker

While I cannot award a door prize for the 300,000th visitor to Offsetting, I can thank the visitor's referrer.

At The Wedding Hacker, two of my former students, who go by the monikers Mr. and Mrs. Cake, have begun chronicling their adventures in wedding optimization. They point to my old post on an alternative to wedding invitation A and B lists - assign probabilities to each guest's attendance and send out invitations such that the expected number of attendees matches venue capacity. We projected 125 expected attendees from 225 invitations; we got 124 attendees with a late cancellation due to illness. So long as you're comfortable with a bit of risk, this is much more fun than assigning friends and family to A and B lists.

Mrs. Cake provided me an excellent supply-and-demand themed cake after my Economics and Current Policy Issues course back in 2008. You can follow her adventures in baking here.

And you kids out there, remember that romance can bloom in the economics classroom.

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