Monday 25 June 2012

Technical matters

Comments on Offsetting are migrating over to Disqus. I'm hoping that it gives me some better moderation options. The archive of comments is still here; I just don't know how to make them visible while Disqus runs its import procedure.

Hopefully, normal service will resume without undue delay.

Update: Anybody who doesn't have a profile image gets one from here!

Update2: I think I have the bugs fixed. I'll evaluate things through Monday, then put up a poll to see what you folks think.


  1. Peter, I'm not wedded to Disqus - just checking out whether it winds up improving the place. Do you have a specific complaint about the system? I'm still having a few implementation issues - getting the recent comments to show up at the right, for example. But I also like that the system makes it easier for me to sort back through comments by different users. Try using Google to find a comment by, say, somebody using the handle V when you don't remember the exact wording and it's on a post on a topic that shows up frequently.

  2. I'm keeping Disqus through the weekend; I think I now have most of the bugs sorted. I'll put a poll up on Monday. If most folks prefer the old system, I'll flip it back.

  3. Oh, and it's putting new comments above old ones rather than the other way round. If anybody cares which way the thread runs, let me know.