Thursday 5 July 2012


We're still trialling Disqus here at Offsetting. On current voting, 2 people say "Keep Disqus!", 4 say "Go back to Blogger!", and 8 say "I don't care!". I'm not taking that as resounding support for any option, especially when I compare the number of survey responses with aggregate readership stats.

I'm extending the trial period. Some helpful hints for getting the most out of the commenting system.
  • You can choose whether oldest, newest, or "best" comments appear first in the thread. Just go into "Discussion" and move the tick. I think the default is "Best", within which it sorts newest first. If you prefer oldest first, change the default. I can't do this for you. I've had a couple of complaints about new comments showing up at the top; this is something over which you, dear reader, have control. 
  • You can up- or down-vote comments by hitting the little arrows; this affects comment ordering for those who sort by "Best". 
  • Hitting the "My Disqus" tag tells you if anybody's replied to your prior comments


  1. I'm not seeing any comments by default. I'm not sure if that's a disqus issue, But I just see a message nothing for you here...yet.
    Even on articles showing there are comments, I still see the same and I needed to go to discussion and then select an option even thought best was selected by default. I could change to somethign else e.g. oldest and display the comments, then go back to best and still view them.

  2. It takes Disqus a couple minutes to update the comment count on the front page after a comment has shown up. I think though that you might have the "My Disqus" tab open rather than the post comments one. This comment should show up in the post comments, and in the "My Disqus" tab for you since it's a reply to you. That catch it?