Wednesday 15 August 2012

Meanwhile, in the asylum

I like to think of New Zealand as being the Outside of the Asylum.

Outside of the Asylum, farmers are free to sell their produce.

Today's news from inside the asylum: hosting a 10 year old's birthday party and selling a bit of farm produce at the event hosted on your farm gets you thousands of dollars in fines.

We don't know how lucky we are....


  1. Aptly, Fauquier County was pronounced as Fu*^-You County.

  2. another great article by Eric,
    you are the champion of the people Eric, even with graphs, and that is for sure
    its all quite sad, I am feeding off the street in Thailand, and the little restaurants and the people would not dare sell me bad food, because they would be avoided by word of mouth, as the people spread the message. This message is much quicker and more robust than any legislation can think of.My best chance of food poisoning is in a major hotel. It happened in the best hotel in Marrakesh, serve booze first then the recooked food, watch the program, get sick , die in bus.
    Skittery bum in bus is not recommended.Avoid regulated food outlets.

  3. There's also this recent story:

  4. Not to mention all of the "lemonade freedom" cases.

    I love that, here in NZ, my neighbour the next block over has chickens in the back yard and a sign up front advertising eggs for sale. Free and peaceful people being left alone to do free and peaceful things.