Monday 3 September 2012

The Dismal Science: Stadiums edition

Massey's Sam Richardson, and co-blogger at The Dismal Science, has done the academic heavy lifting in New Zealand; most of the other bloggers syndicated at The Dismal Science have chimed in from time to time with our takes on things.

Close-Up highlighted some of Sam's work on stadiums; I popped up a bit but the serious work on this issue is Sam's. When Mark Sainsbury asked what Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee thought about the economic case for stadium subsidies, Gerry replied: 
"They say that economics is the Dismal Science. And you've found some really good exponents of that."

I will be hitting some of the highlights of our collective prior efforts on stadium subsidies at The Dismal Science feed at SciBlogs. Enjoy the mini symposium! 

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  1. I wonder how many promoting the new stadium remember what happened to Sydney's ANZ (Homebush) stadium after the 2000 Olympics.