Monday 18 March 2013

Some Calloway wisdom

Here's Cab Calloway on backward-bending labour supply curves, the deadweight costs of income taxes, and how there's less inequality in utility as measured by consumption-based measures than when measured by income-based measures.

Remember the more that you're achin' to make,
it's the dough you forget;
the government takes
Say Jack you can never wear more than one suit at a time,
Wearin' one pair of shoes, you know, ain't no crime.
What d'ya wanna do, Bub? Be big like Gugenheim?
A hotdog only costs that cat a dime.
You can try to be a Duke or Grand Marquis,
but you see the latest movies just the same as he.
They both listen to the radio an' all for free.
I'm askin' you, Bub, how big can you be?
This post brought to you* by Spotify which, for $10 per month, or 46 minutes' work at the New Zealand minimum wage, brings you darn near the world's entire back catalogue of music. An' all for free, if you don't mind the occasional ad.

Update: this matters more than it did in Calloway's day....

* Not actually sponsored.


  1. I am trying to convince my expecting wife that Cabell Savage isn't that bad a prospective name for a child--though it'd inevitably wind up as Cab Sav.

  2. She'll veto it on the first round if you use my preferred system, but it might give your dark-horse second-preference a better shot.

    I insisted rather strongly for rather a while that Tullock was a fine first name for a son. He ended up with Tullock as middle name.