Tuesday 25 June 2013

Glaeser Glaeser Glaeser Glaeser Glaeser GLAESER Glaeser!

Mark your calendars: Ed Glaeser delivers the Economics Department's Condliffe Memorial Lecture on Wednesday, 10 July.

Ed Glaeser is the world's best urban economist (says me). His book, The Triumph of the City, is the culmination of decades of serious work on urban issues. Do register for his talk and attend.

Event Details

Presenter: Professor Edward Glaeser, Harvard University
  • What if humanity stopped urbanising?
  • What is the role of cities in promoting economic growth?
  • What are the lessons for the Christchurch rebuild from cities around the world?
Cities are often seen as the source of social problems such as poverty and crime, while we retain romantic notions of idyllic rural life. The truth is very different. In this lecture, Professor Edward Glaeser, the world’s leading expert in the economics of cities, will discuss why cities are crucial to economic development, why proximity has become ever more valuable as the cost of connecting across long distances has fallen and why, contrary to popular myths, dense urban areas are the true friends of the environment, not suburbia.
I'm really rather looking forward to this. Glaeser is one of the Elder Gods in the Pantheon of the EconGods.



  1. Sounds really good - any chance that it might be videoed and put up on youtube?

  2. I think it will be. Hit the link to our prior Condliffe lectures; many of them were recorded.