Wednesday 15 October 2014


Last year, Gosplan* wouldn't let the Copthorne Hotel rebuild because they couldn't decide whether or not the Arts precinct designation they imposed on the area was consistent with the existence of hotels.

And now, somehow, there's a problem in hotel room availability.

Delays in getting hotels re-opened could leave Christchurch facing a bed shortage when the Cricket World Cup opens in the city in February.

... New Zealand Hotel Council regional chairman Bruce Garrett said February was the busiest month of the year for hotels, with occupancy typically running at around 90 per cent, so there was little capacity to absorb the additional demand for beds created by the Cricket World Cup.

The number of hotels operating in the city was fewer than expected by this point in the city's recovery and accommodation was going to be at a premium.

"There's a number of projects on the go that will add another few hundred rooms but they are not going to be ready on time," Garrett said.

Visitors coming to Christchurch in February would probably have to stay in backpackers or motels rather than hotels if they had not yet booked a bed for the night, or fly in just for the day.
The number of hotels operating in the city is fewer than expected by this point in the recovery. There could be a few reasons for that. Dithering over the site for a convention centre and blocking hotels from rebuilding because of grand precinct visions might be near the top of the list.

* Central Christchurch Development Agency.

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  1. Sadly predictable outcome when government is running a business or an industry.