Friday, 7 November 2014

Shouting about immigration?

I agree with James Kirkup that the economic benefits of immigration are unlikely to be decisive in convincing anybody about the merits of immigration.
It is a logical fallacy to conclude that because some people feel uncomfortable with the social consequences of European immigration, the only way to address that discomfort it to expel or ban European immigrants. But it is also mistaken to think that shouting louder about abstract concepts like the public finances people like me can ever persuade our country to relax about immigration. Economics isn’t everything
But where we hear endless populist appeals to the economic costs of immigrants, and where those stories are convincing for some, isn't a little shouting warranted?

The economic benefits of immigration are only part of the case for a liberal immigration regime. But they're important where we otherwise hear a lot about how immigrants impose net costs.

HT: @jenesajeram

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