Monday 30 March 2015

Iwi, Kiwi, Canuck

John Ansell's reach is long: the billboard campaign he ran for Don Brash has been picked up in Canada.

Here's Ansell's 2005 billboard:

There were a series of others, always with the very simple 'Tax / Cut' or 'Waste / Not' framing. [Update: they're all here!]

Peter McCaffrey retweeted the latest Canadian incarnation, from Alberta's Wildrose spinoff of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party:

This apparently isn't the first appropriation of a great billboard idea. A few others were sent me by an email correspondent. I'm not sure if these were actually used in the 2006 Canadian election, or if they were mocked up by party activists.

All of these kept the very simple contrast.

The NDP's version (again - I don't know whether it was from activists or the party proper) was a bit ... cluttered.

It reminds me of Homer's attempt to chime in during "Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart".

Boris Johnson's even been in on the theme, but with the appropriate style.

Kiwi electoral ingenuity, taking over the world. And Alan Bollard thinks we're bad at marketing. On the other hand, I doubt anybody paid royalties to Ansell...

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