Monday 24 August 2015

Licensing costs - frozen ballet edition

From the 5 year old's ballet school newsletter:
In order to hold a show ballet schools are supposed to get a licence.  Many schools fail to do this.  In my bid to get a licence for Frozen I had to apply to Disney.  I am very disappointed that they denied access to the music for this event.  For this reason I have had to seek alternative ideas and music choices (quite disappointing given this is non-profit and promotes their works). 
Young Eleanor will be very disappointed. For unfathomable 5-year-old-girl reasons, she is a fan of Elsa.

But there is hope: when she was a bit bored at the barre a couple of lessons ago, she unscrewed the fastener holding the barre to the wall and handed her mother a handful of liberated screws.

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