Thursday 6 August 2015

Reputational spill-overs: semen beer edition

Some sharks shouldn't be jumped. This may be one.
The Green Man pub on Victoria St is about to launch a stag semen "milked" stout, created by brewery Choice Bros and timed to celebrate the lead-up to Beervana.
With an added measure of "export-quality" deer semen, the secret ingredient may induce gag reflexes in some but pub co-owner Steve Drummond was confident in the brew's success.
"We sort of like, looked at the whole craft beer scene and thought what could we do that's a bit outrageous, a bit Green Man."
The virile beverage is not the pub's first foray into exotic offerings.
The donor stag's name was "Lagoon", if that matters.

I expect that a substantial fraction of pulled pints would be folks trying to induce friends' spit-takes when it's their turn to buy a round.

But there could be another effect.

One of our researchers at The Initiative quipped that fear that this may be served to her might put her off beer altogether, which makes for an interesting reputational spill-over issue.

I wonder whether bars offering these particular pints might do well by using a special glass to signal the ... special contents.

Parting shot from the pub's co-owner:
"There's only one way to serve semen stout and that's handpulling it."

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