Saturday 13 February 2016

What a mess

The case against Jian Ghomeshi.

To recap for Kiwi readers, Ghomeshi was a minor rockstar in Canada, fronting Moxy Fruvous, then went on to TV fame hosting a CBC programme. In 2014, a whirlwind of sexual assault and harassment allegations ended his career.

Christine Blatchford writes on the trial. The prosecution's case seems to have dissolved.

If it turns out that the case was groundless and based on false sworn statements from the complainants, what should we make of how the justice system handles these kinds of cases? If there's overwhelming public interest in police taking a very credulous stance when presented with complaints, so that they do not deter real complaints' being made, is there not corresponding public interest in compensating those harmed by such a stance? The prosecution and police seem to have had all the investigative ability of a Rolling Stone reporter.

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