Friday 25 November 2016

Hot tub talk machine

Last weekend, I argued environmental policy with David Round, Sam Mahon, and Camila Nieuwlands in a hot tub full of warm milk at CoCA, Christchurch's Centre of Contemporary Art.

A snippet from my column in this week's Insights newsletter on it. Trigger warning if you hit the link: There are pictures.
Gaby Montejo is one of Christchurch’s more interesting artists, and the post-quake Christchurch arts scene is especially entrepreneurial. Gaby, and others, improvised wonderfully around the city’s demolished and ruined spaces, giving everyone little bits of whimsy and beauty.

I couldn’t really say no when he asked if I’d join in a performance exhibition he was putting on at Christchurch’s Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA).

He wanted a panel discussion about dairy and the environment in an art space surrounded by other works on environmental themes, but different. Rather than sit at the front of the room at a table with a lectern, we sat in Gaby’s “Honeymoon Latte” – a warm hot tub full of milk – for a conversation about dairy, the environment, and economics, and the amusement of a few dozen spectators who came around to listen in.

I assumed my job was to add a few shots of espresso to the mix, and so had a lot of fun.
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