Thursday, 15 December 2016

Cataloguing Outcomes

Ever wanted to know what the government's targeting, how it's measuring outcomes, and what programmes are intended on hitting those outcomes?

Here's Superu's Treasury and Superu's Government Outcomes Catalogue Tool. The rather slick Excel tool lets you select the domain you want, the sub-domain, and filter a bit on demographic, unit or coverage basis. Hit Search and it'll tell you what initiatives are in place, the indicators they're using as measure of the stated outcomes, whether it's part of the better public service goals, and for what groups the outcomes are measured.

And some of the outcome domains:

I can't see any linkage through yet into what the figures are on the measured outcomes, but I'd expect those would come in time. At least now you can tell pretty easily what initiatives are out there, their status, and how they're intending on measuring things.

Kudos to Superu for getting this out. 

UPDATE: Credit where credit is due, and apologies. It is on Superu's site, but it looks like Treasury did the bulk of the work on this one. Apologies!

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