Friday, 3 March 2017

A couple of talks

I presented on the Initiative's work on inequality at the ACT Party's 2017 conference in Auckland this past weekend. I don't think the presentations were recorded; if one turns up, I'll post it here.

I hate going to presentations where people just repeat what's on the darned slides, and so mine tend to just have the key bits to move the story along and the graphs that make the point. But I've covered related issues here at Offsetting, and I drew on our reports on inequality and education.

On Wednesday morning, I presented at the New Zealand Property Council. They wanted me to cover the current state of the world and how New Zealand should be thinking about Brexit and Trump.

I argued that we should be trying to bring over people working in America on H1-B visas who'd be great for the tech sector here and who won't be feeling particularly welcome there, and that we should be forging ahead with Pacific area free-trade agreements. As America gets more unreliable and talks about setting up non-tariff barriers, it's more important for everybody else to have strong working relations with each other.

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