Thursday, 1 March 2018

Racist donuts?

I've been looking forward to Krispy Kreme opening in New Zealand since, well, since I moved here. 

But what the fresh hell is this?
Anti-foreigner rules at Krispy Kreme have left a bitter taste in one doughnut enthusiast's mouth - prompting a burning response from the Philippine Embassy.

A Hamilton man has been left hurt and angry after his Filipina girlfriend was not allowed to attend the grand opening of New Zealand's first Krispy Kreme outlet because she was not a Kiwi.

The multinational company admits the woman was likely turned away because of a "tired and over-zealous" security guard.
The company had a promotion for the first hundred customers and wanted to restrict that to Kiwis rather than American tourists - fair enough. And random-draw stupid security contractor - I doubt we should blame Krispy Kreme for that.

But how have we gotten to a spot where a dumb-ass security guard's baseline expectation around foreigners is "when in doubt, boot them out"?

Is this legacy of the Labour/Green/NZ First racist election campaigning around the evils of foreigners, or part of what drove the success of racist campaigning in the first place, or both?

I know politicians respond to incentives and when racism wins votes, they'll pander to it. Might as well blame the sharks for eating people. It's just in their nature. But it isn't right.

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