Monday 9 December 2019

The year of delivery

The Government will move to ban non-compostible fruit stickers today in response to a huge new report about single-use plastic, Stuff understands.

It's understood the Government will also move to ban plastic cotton buds and single-use plastic cutlery, items which both have biodegradable alternatives made out of bamboo.

Compostible apple stickers do exist but are not in wide-use.

The announcement will be made on Sunday morning as part of a response to report from the Prime Minister's chief scientist, alongside a host of other measures.
Have seen a lot of support on twitter for this from people annoyed at having to peel stickers off of apples; I suspect shops will switch to the biodegradable ones unless there's some other better and cheaper tech out there to let shop clerks quickly tell whether they're ringing up a $3.99/kg apple or a $5.99/kg fancy apple.

On the plus side, the bit about plastic cotton buds had me quickly checking their availability at Ali Express - and they're easily available there, along with the wooden stick ones, and at much lower prices than I'm used to seeing here.

I wonder whether the government will yet be making any announcements of the kinds of infrastructure bonds that Phil Twyford talked about in opposition and during the election, and that I know that Treasury has been working on.

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