Friday 20 December 2019

Things our civil service needs to be told

The Government has produced a "Guide for Maintaining Health and Wellbeing". It contains a lot of valuable advice. I understand it has been distributed broadly in hard copy, but it is available online for the rest of us.

Here is some of the advice provided. It is comprehensive.

At page 118, it provides helpful tips for waking up.

After you wake up, you might want to tend to your emotional and physical health.
I'd thought that the absolute safest might have involved only one person, but I understand that the Chief Censor's been taking a dim view of such things. 

After all that, why not some breakfast? 
And what do we do after we eat our breakfast?

It goes on, but I'm sure I can trust you to read for yourself. It has plenty of helpful tips on optimising your spiritual health and spending quiet time in nature, in case your score on the resilience self-assessment tool comes in at less than 70. 

If you get too annoyed by their giving advice about using power poses (debunked in a succession of studies), or about their advice to use margarine instead of butter (yech), you can just take their advice about other ways of combating stress. Like a breathing exercise, or counting to 10.

And you can rest easy, knowing that the kind of people who need to be reminded to brush their teeth are busy drafting the rules telling the rest of us how to live our lives. That's why everything works out so well!

The hard copy is a beautiful thing though. 134 pages, ring bound, shiny glossy paper, with those notched pages helping you find the section you're looking for. There's no way these things are less than $20 each even on a big print run. I wonder how big that print run was. 

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