Sunday 5 July 2020

Bayesian updating and deities

Maybe we should upweight the chances that there is a deity - one that cares a lot about poetic justice.

Last year, a Bottle-O bottleshop tried to set up in Khandallah Village.

The shop was opposed by a pile of local NIMBYs. 

Among the objections raised were that:
  • The branding was too down-market for snooty snooty Khandallah. Maybe if it was a Glengarry instead of a Bottle-O.
  • That young children walk through the village and while they wouldn't be able to purchase alcohol, they'd see unhealthy things being sold and that would damage their fragile little minds.
  • That the nearest bottleshop is only 1.2 km away, which is probably already too close in Ngaio; there's also one over in Johnsonville. Surely nobody could be inconvenienced by having to walk 1.2 km to get their alcohol. And, there is already beer and wine in the local supermarket.  
  • Maybe disreputable types - persons of low quality - would take the train to Khandallah and sit in the little park and drink alcohol there. [Heavily racist overtones in the Khandallah town hall meeting, we all know what you meant, you horrid elderly lady.]
Imagine that you were a poetic justice God. What would you put in that spot?

Walking through the village today, I finally saw a sign over the window.

25 paces from the Hell's Pizza, we will have a Dominos.

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