Monday, 16 August 2021


Driving home from Palmerston North last night around 6pm, a man was waiving a Covid-19 Vaccination Centre banner on the median of the road outside of the Onslow Medical Centre. 

We rolled down the window. They had end-day extra doses and wanted to get them into arms.

So the cats had to wait an extra half-hour for their dinners, and we got dosed. 

All went very smoothly. 

On checking in, I offered my NHI number but they didn't need it - they pulled it from name and date of birth.

About five minutes later Susan and I got jabbed. They wouldn't jab the kids, unfortunately. While MedSafe has approved the vaccine for those aged 12+, there is currently no way in New Zealand for a 13-year-old to be vaccinated. And the 11-year-old certainly isn't allowed, though I'd have very happily given her my dose.

We were told to book in for the second dose, along with a workaround for an issue they were having with the website for second-dose bookings. 

Great that they're getting any spare doses into arms. The banner on Moorefield Road was far more welcome than the set of antivax placards outside of Otaki.

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