Tuesday, 26 October 2021

The Frank Tay Scholarship

Frank was retiring as I joined the Economics Department at Canterbury in 2003. He'd still visit the Department for seminars and to catch up with colleagues. 

His article in the inaugural issue of NZ Economics Papers set the tone for the next several decades of excellence at Canterbury: professional training in economics requires at least an Honours qualification, with appropriate rigor all the way through. 

Alfred Guender had an excellent interview with Frank a few years back. He's since launched a memorial scholarship, to support post-graduate study. 

Details below, from the email Alfred sent through to me. 

A few months ago I sent a letter to friends, former colleagues, and former students of Frank Tay to inform them about a fund-raising effort to establish a scholarship in his name for a post-graduate student in economics at the University of Canterbury.

This is an opportune time to provide you with an update on the Tay Scholarship Fund. Thanks to donations received, the fund has grown to about NZ$24,000. A well-known economics graduate of the University of Canterbury, Prof. David Teece (University of California at Berkeley), has now indicated that he would match dollar for dollar the contributions to the Tay Scholarship fund, up to a limit of NZ$50,000.

Prof. Teece’s pledge provides all of us who are involved in this joint effort with an incentive to raise additional funds, Could I ask you to consider donating to the scholarship fund that bears Frank’s name? It would also be immensely helpful if you used your personal connections to former classmates at UC and other UC alumni to spread the word about Prof. Teece’s generous offer to match contributions. This may just provide the extra kick that is needed to establish a continuing scholarship that pays a higher stipend than what is currently possible.

Here are the details needed to make a contribution to the Tay Scholarship Fund, which is administered by UC Foundation. The BNZ account number is 020874 0015430 00.

Once again I thank you for your support of this initiative.

Update: Alfred says the UC Foundation now has a separate page for the fund.

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