Tuesday 5 July 2022

Inframarginal canaries

The canary in the coalmine gives a warning to the miners about gas levels that are too high for safety.

Kate Hawkesby writes over at Newstalk on trying to get a pool built for her backyard. Consenting and permits are at $7k before a shovel touches the ground. Plus whatever billable hours will be spent processing things. 

If we didn't already know that consenting on large projects is a disaster, this would be a canary in the coalmine kind of thing. If Council can't even figure out stuff like backyard swimming pools, what hope is there of getting reasonable process around larger and more complex projects?

The piece sparked the usual Twitter pearl-clutching about rich people daring to complain about costs on this kind of thing. 

It's just stupid. 

If even rich people can't sort out the stupid Auckland council bureaucracy to get a pool in the backyard, what hope does anyone else have? Are they trying to make it so that only the richest and best-connected are able to get a pool in the backyard? Shouldn't this be something that anyone should be able to aspire to if they've got a bit of room on their section? 

We had a pool when we lived in Christchurch. House in South New Brighton, bought in 2005 for around $435k, with pool. The kids loved it. 

This kind of thing shouldn't be made impossible. 

Should these guys have been forced to pay $7k+ in resource and building consenting costs before this bit of awesomeness?

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