Friday 21 October 2022

Sense of scale

You'd think a half-decent test for policy would just be to stop and ask whether anybody would be willing to take the benefit of the policy, rather than just the per capita cash equivalent.

RNZ reports:

The government has revealed major changes to the way people will pay for public transport across the country.

Minister of Transport Michael Wood announced a $1.3 billion public transport single payment system in Auckland today.

The signing of the National Ticketing Solution contract with supplier Cubic means New Zealanders will soon be able to use a single payment system across all public transport networks.

People will be able to pay for bus, train and ferry trips using contactless credit or debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

New Zealand has 5.1 million people. Split $1.3 billion 5.1 million ways and you've got about $250. 

Is there anybody who would rather have the ability to use the same transit card anywhere in New Zealand (as well as Google Play and stuff), rather than $250 and just continuing to use Snapper or whatever in the place where they live, and throw a few bucks on a throwaway transit card when traveling?



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