Tuesday 29 November 2022

Regulating entry

This week's column in the Sunday Star Times picks up on last week's post on grocery entry and the new grocery regulator.

It concludes

The surest protection consumers have in any market is vigorous competition among suppliers and potential suppliers for their trade. Economists know that even the threat of potential entry can provide substantial and real competitive discipline.

Hasty legislative drafting from a Government trying to get too many things done simultaneously is more likely to blame than a deliberate effort to prevent new grocers from entering. It could yet be fixed by select committees.

But legislative urgency makes it more likely that bad ideas and drafting errors turn into policy failures.

And any sufficiently advanced incompetence does become indistinguishable from malice.

I have to submit my SST columns on Thursdays. I didn't then know about the entrenchment games in the Three Waters legislation - the kinds of mess that happens under urgency. That one looks a lot more like malice. Good that they're retreating from it. But if there'd been no furore, they'd have kept it.  

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