Wednesday 31 May 2023

The tragedy of the anticommons and consenting

Just look at this hot mess. 

Crime, traffic and soft drinks are just some of the social ills Waiuku residents believe a new dairy would bring to their town.

A group of residents and a school in the south Auckland township have railed against a proposed corner shop, making submissions on a resource application by Paramjit and Parvinder Mehami to build a convenience store on View Rd.

“It would attract people hanging around people’s homes right next door, which would compromise everybody's safety,” wrote Samuel Voyce.

One submitter, who identified herself as Bronwyn L, was concerned food stores and hairdressers were “taking over the town”.

“It’s getting ridiculous for such a small town that isn’t deemed big enough to service a Burger King, [to have] more than 20 food outlets. It’s an absolute joke and something needs to be done about it.”

If you set a system that gives stasisists a veto over everything, don't be surprised when it's impossible to do anything.

We can't have nice things because we have a resource management system that finds it more important to consider the views of those worried about hairdressers taking over the town than to allow any development to ever proceed in any timely fashion. 

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