Saturday 2 January 2010

More reasons not to fly

LSG SkyChefs, who cater for 300 airlines including Delta, US Air, and Air New Zealand, has seen a spot of trouble with hygiene standards in the US. From the FDA warning letter:
At the conclusion of the inspection, on October 6, 2009, the FDA investigator issued a list of Inspectional Ohservations (FDA-483) to your firm. As documented on this form (copy enclosed), the following are the significant violations at your airline catering facility on which we base the "Provisional" classification:
  • To comply with 21 CFR 1250.30(a), all places where food is prepared, served, or stored must be constructed and maintained as to be clean and free from flies and other vermin. However, our investigators observed numerous live roaches, dead roaches, and other insects, as well as food, and other debris, in various locations, including the following:

    • Cart wash area - Live and dead roach-like insects too numerous to count (TNTC)

    • Silverware station - At least 40 live roaches as well as other insects

    • The hot kitchen - At least eight dead and one live roach insects were observed in and around the walls of the hot kitchen

    • Repack area - Live roaches (TNTC), as well as ants

    • Pots and pans warewashing room - At least four live and dead roaches, flies

    • Dish machine wash area - At least 13 dead roaches inside the machine loading area and 31 or more dead nearby the machine

    • Wash area - At least four live roaches on walls and floors
I trust that this is isolated to its US operations...

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