Saturday 2 January 2010

Periodic table of beer

A Periodic Table of Beer. Found here, via BoingBoing.So the Renaissance Scotch Ale would be somewhere around element 65 (an Actinide?), Epic around 30 (but surely there should be more differentiation in that element). But where would you put Invercargill's Smoking Bishop?


  1. Where would you put Smoking Bishop?

    In your stomach, of course. Om nom nom nom.

  2. @Jeff: There's barley wine, but that's not really the same thing. I'm not sure you'd really class Colt 45 as a beer - same way that fortified wine doesn't get listed in Parker's.

    @Chris: Indeed. Am now imagining cookie monster with Smoking Bishop....

  3. Can I be one of those picky beer snobs and suggest that Epic PA is actually 17 on account of the US hops (damn I love Cascade). Smoking Bishop would be 59 - though it's a distinctly kiwi interpretation with the use of Manuka to smoke the malt.

  4. @Eric

    I think Cookie Monster with Smoking Bishop would fit BERL's "irrational" definition...

  5. @Hefe: thanks for the correction! Melissa would have had to have been proper IPA though despite the hop origin: it can't slosh around on a ship for a month or more and be APA, can it?

    @Chris: They're quicker than me to push the "irrationality" button...